#Ohshittwins Podcast

You soon get used to attention, much of it unwanted, when you’re a parent of multiples.
People may (un)helpfully comment ‘Ooo double trouble!’ or ask how on earth you cope.

It can be hard to explain to those who don’t have twins or triplets, what life is really like. #OhShitTwins is a new podcast hosted by mother of three-year-old girls Georgia Martel. 
Georgia quickly realised that despite having support, no one around her could relate to this unique experience of motherhood. The podcast was created to demystify this world and provide support and some inside tips for what you’re walking into as a multiple parent-to-be.

Each episode is an interview segment sharing different aspects of what it means to be a multiple parent. Georgia also speaks to adult twins who give an insight for parents on what their children’s future relationship could
look like.Season one covers issues ranging from life in lockdown, double trouble – literally – and birth trauma

#Ohshittwins Podcast – Twin Life Adult Edition with Bruce and Glen

In today’s society where being a individual is celebrated, whats it like for twins Bruce and Glen that have totally embraced their twinship. They live, work and preach together and have no plans on separating. An insight into the ‘Fashion Preachers’ world they have worked for the lights of Beyonce – house of Deréon and […]

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Georgia is a mother who has decided to live out loud after motherhood took the wind out of her! From finding out she was going to be a mother of twins, then them being born at 27 weeks (two and a half months early), it was a rollercoaster. Eventually sharing her truth of her experience she realised she wasn’t on her own.

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