The C-Section tips I wish I was told.

Tips For C-Section Mums

C-sections are the most common way for mothers to give birth to more than one child at a time in the UK. NHS reports that more than 50% of the twins and almost all triplets born in the UK are delivered through C-Section.

I wanted to hear what other mothers who had C-sections and them to share the tips which they wished they were told. So I asked them to share a few tips that they would give mums who are about to have their first C-section.

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Here are a few tips that women shared:

  1. Get comfortable pants

Do not feel pressured to try to look a certain way. You are going to need room around your tummy because of the stitches. So buy as many soft, comfortable pants as you can. John Lewis have some C-section pants that some mums can swear by!

  1. Take time to heal

Much like any other major operation, you need time to heal, recuperate and get your strength back. Yes, you are a mum and, yes, there’s a tiny person who is fully dependant on you but, you need to allow yourself to rest and heal. Accept that it may not take 6 weeks to heal; it could take as long as 6 months for some, it takes a few weeks. The only way to find out for yourself is to give your body a 100% chance to heal.

Take good care of the scar in the process. Clean it as directed, and if the plaster marks bug you, try access some plaster remover wipes that clean them out perfectly. Also if your a fully figured women if you need to lift your tummy to get access to your scare use a blow fryer on a low heat to dry the scar area.

Also, avoid bending as much as possible. Get a litter picker, a long broom if necessary or just ask someone to help out.

  • Take your meds

When you leave the hospital, the doctor will give you a host of medication, take them. The pain killers will work wonders for you, especially for your back. The back tends to hurt because of the incision during surgery which takes all the pressure to the back. This takes time to heal so, give yourself time to rest and take your meds. The doctor might also include blood thinners to help the scar heal. Take them as recommended.

  1. Take control

Most people feel better when they can control a situation; predict the outcome based on the well laid out plans. But a C-Section can feel like it takes all the control from you. This is not entirely true.

Much as you might not have as much control as you would want, you can have some control. Talk to your doctor, see to what level you can control the birth; it could be the décor in the room, the timing especially, if it is not an emergency C-Section and even the music played. Small things can make you feel much better about the operation.

  • Perspective/mindset

How you view the procedure will heavily determine your experience. Try to be as positive as possible through it all; have your support system come with you; be it your friend, spouse, mum or best friend, have a positive vibe around you. Get some good music around you, your favourite scent or even flowers. If you take the C-Section well, your recovery will not be so hard either. People who have had C-Sections before might make it seem like it’s going to be hell making the first poop; it might even feel like that at first because it takes some time before it happens. But it is not as bad as you think. Do not overthink it, just flow through it.

  1. Accept help

If there was ever a time to lay down your pride, this is it! You might want to do many things in the house, for your baby, for yourself, but please don’t. You might even feel fine but if you get back up too soon, it will most definitely come back to bite you later. Accept the help offered, and ask where needed. Getting up will not be the same for a bit. So ask for help when you need it. Learn to roll out of bed as opposed to getting up from it to avoid aggravating the stitches.

One tip that has helped mums is having visitors come with food that can be kept in the freezer. With this, you don’t have to worry about who will cook and what, you can remain fed and free to rest!

As part of accepting help, Restore Therapy offers free scar therapy for mums who have had a C-Section. You can register for their free clinic and dates will be sent for you to book.

Remember, a healthy mum makes for a happy healthy baby! I hope these tips are useful and practical for you. If you have some more tips or views to share, just hit me up!

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