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Paultons Park – What we love about Peppa Pig World.

Unfortunately current Paultons Park is closed due to the current Lockdown.

Situated at Ower, Ramsey S051 6AL, Paulton’s Park is one of the most elaborate parks this side of the world, and home of Peppa Pig World. My girls love Peppa Pig so we had to check it out!

Our visit had to be planned early because tickets are booked online with a specified date. The fee is £35.75 for anyone above 1m tall; children below 1m go in free.

Picture of the height barrier at Paultons Park
Your little ones are under 1 metre they have to be able to walk under the sign pictured.

There are packages available when you pre-book that can help you save. For a family of 3, you pay £104.75. £139.00 for a four-person family, and £173.75 for a five-person family saving you some money. Senior citizens pay a bit less, with their tickets going for £33.25. There are no height restrictions for Peppa Pig world, though they recommend that a child be over one year old. I honestly think such a park would be lost on a child younger than a year as they wouldn’t get to enjoy it as much.

The park opens at 10am and the rides are open till 4.30pm. We wanted to make a day of it so we arrived as the park opened. It was packed, considering it was during Covid, so of course there were queues at every ride, with the longest queue being for 20 minutes.

There were social distance stickers on the floors, the staff walked around with signs to remind people to keep social distance and wear masks, and there were hand sanitisers at practically every turn. I have to say people ignored the social distancing reminders! It is tricky with children but it seemed to go out the window most of the time.

We got to enjoy Peppa Pig world and went on rides the rain didn’t stop us. There are different shows set up during the day. we managed to catch the penguin show. It was such a hit with my daughters and by the end they were truly shattered.

Tips for Peppa Pig World:

  • Pack your own lunch it saves you a few quid. The food prices were high but that is to be expected.
  • Download the park app; it tells you queue time of each ride in real time. It really helps you decide what to do next so your efficient with your time.
  • There are rides right outside Peppa Pig world designed for little people that barely ever have queues.
  • You can book strollers online as you book your tickets.
  • Parking is free

The main shortcoming was the toilets not being at a good standard. Of course my daughters didn’t care but during these times extra care should of been taken. Despite this they enjoyed the park extremely. That’s enough reason for me to go back again, hopefully, post-Covid where they can run without worrying about social distancing or us having to keeping a mask on. I am curious about the hotel so I want to go back and check out their rooms as well as other parts of the park that we never got to visit.

a black family mother, father and twin daughters in front of the paultons park sign.

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