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Mush Mum Live – Keeping your toddler entertained during COVID-19 Lockdown

Hi to all the mums that watched my Mush Mum live talking about my relaxed approach to keeping my daughters entertained. I am sure I already said that I want you to be easy on yourself this is not ‘normal’ circumstances and being your child/ren sauce of entertainment 24/7 is tough, exhausting and will take its toll. You could be the most happiest, positive person in the world but I am sure you have had a bad day. So before I go listing what I have been using just be easy on yourself. You are doing the best you can:)

First thing first I don’t want you to feel like you have to go and run out and buy everything. I didn’t purchase anything for the first three weeks of the lockdown. I exhausted everything first I did that by:

  • I put batteries in toys that died or I had taken out. It re engaged there interest in these toys and it was like a new toy all over again.
  • I hide some toys that were only take out when I felt like I wanted to calm them down and quickly get their attention (I still do this rotate the toys)
  • Toys that I have not seen them play with reignite interest in them. Move them to a different room, use another object while they play with that toy. For example cars inside a box. Using instruments with pots and pans.

So below I am listing the items I have purchased which the girls love. I made a large order from Ebay because the prices from Amazon are crazy at the moment. Yes the wait is longer but for me it was worth it:

I was surprised how much my girls loved these when I pulled them out. They were in deep concentration trying to tread the different sting through. Also the different colour string is a great reinforcement for teaching colours.
I really like to make thing easy for myself and this box helps. Everything you need for a artsy day in this cute box.
I am not the super arts and crafts type of mum. The constant cleaning I am doing is enough. so these paint pads are great. Keep the lid and just add water and your little one can paint and stamp to their hearts content.

Now this has gone up since I bought it by £2. Its a simple concept my daughters sit and go fishing. Great for hand eye coordination and descriptive play. I will ask my daughters the colour of the fish they have managed to pick up.

I bought this a few months ago to help reinforce colour recognition with my girls as I was starting to introduce colours. My daughters for the most part stick the buttons in the right areas but when I first got it I would just let them do anything while gently reminding them of the colours. This puzzle really calms my daughters and I get them to sit down and play with it.

As you can see its not a crazy list of stuff, I have purchased other items for outdoor play and that is when the price has creeped up a bit. But these above mixed with play dough, toys they already own, activities I have set up, reading and educational Youtube videos (Yep my girls watch TV, they don’t own tablets or use my phone) . I am sure your little one will be entertained.

Good luck and remember some days nothing works and a Movie day is totally acceptable too.

I do not own the rights of these images the sellers from Ebay and Amazon do. Some of the links are affiliate links.

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