Allow me to reintroduce myself.  My name is Georgia 

Hey guys, it’s been a little while since I have posted so I thought I would give an update on what I have been up to. I promise you and myself that I will be more consistent. However even though I have not posted on my blog, I have written a blog post for Piccolo. I can announce that I am one of their Family and Friends. I will be sharing my different experiences of motherhood with other amazing mothers and fathers. Parenthood is unique for all of us for a variety of different reasons, which should be shared.

Piccolo, Piccolo family friends, mum blogger,
Piccolo Family Friends

I have also started creating events for Make Motherhood Diverse moving this amazing online campaign to the real world. I have done one meet up so far, I used this to find out what some of the mothers would actually be interested in moving forward. So I am currently working on events for the rest of the year. Then the COVID-19 and now all those plans are up in the air. I am hoping to get back to it as soon as life gets back to some normality.

peckham levels. meet up, mum meet up, make motherhood diverse,
@makemotherhooddiverse first meet up at Peckham Levels
© Photography by Jake Davis of Khroma Collective (

Two weeks I got an email from Mother & Baby that I have been shortlisted for their award. I was shocked to say the least. I have a small following compared to many ‘mum influencers’. So my first thought was who nominated me. Second thought was the confirmation that the number game is not the most important thing. I am my authentic self, when I am finding things hard I say, when I can’t post I don’t. I am not putting a performance on when I decide to share so it’s always nice to know what I share resonates. 

Of course, between all this life has been happening, my daughters are in full blown toddler tantrum stage. Wheeeewww it’s hard work, love them to bits and watching them develop is fun but I could do without the tantrums. I have had to put myself on time out. I am just going to stand over in the corner while they work through their emotions. 

Also a family member I am close with is currently in hospital recovering from a severe asthma attack which totally came from nowhere. Another reminder to love those you love and don’t worry about those that don’t. 

I wrote this while in Lanzarote a much needed break away from anything and came back to the UK in total panic mode. My holiday seemed to be divine timing because Lanzorote had zero cases of COVID-19 when I was there. Now we are all in totally uncharted waters and to say I am not nervous would be an understatement. 

holiday selfie, Lanzarote
Me in Lanzarote

So thanks for reading, you are anywhere in the world. But you took a little time out your day to read this 🙂

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