A day trip to Paris.

Last month I headed to Paris for the day. I have only been to Paris once before so when I was invited I thought why not. The mundane day to day routine was starting to get to me. If you book far enough in advance you may be able to get the £29 tickets each way. So £58 in total which is a bargain. 

 So we jumped on the first Eurostar out of London and headed to Paris. I actually forgot how hassle free the Eurostar journey was, we arrived 45mins before our departure and still had time to grab a hot drink. 

The main reason for the trip was to support and congratulate Pearl Ivy’s artwork at the Le Bon Marché “So Punk Rive Gauche” exhibition:

Pearl Ivy collection

‘From 30 August to 20 October, Le Bon Marché is embracing all things punk rock, as part of its new season “So Punk Rive Gauche” event. Exclusive collaborations, wacky installations, do it yourself and offbeat entertainment characterise punk rock, Rive Gauche style; stylish and modern, with a sophisticated Parisian twist.’

Pearl created a new line of cards specifically for the exhibition and her work was rubbing shoulders with the renowned brands such as Dr Martin’s (you couldn’t have a punk theme without them), studded Tods, and everything you could need to create an authentic Punk fashion look was there. Leather, tweed and pins to customise looks were all in the space. 

Then we were off with our metro tickets and Google maps and wandered the city. Now we couldn’t head to Paris without pictures of the Eiffel so we headed to the Place du Trocadéro to get our shots. I would highly recommend travelling to Paris in September. It was nowhere near as busy as I thought it would be and we managed to take quite a few pictures.

By this time our bellies were growling and we walked less than 10mins to Mokus l’ecureuil. No pictures of the food, we were too hungry but I had an Americano which was lovely. I said I didn’t want it to be pink in the middle and the burger wasn’t overcooked and dry like a cracker. The service was great and accommodating. Cocktails were strong in a good way.

The toilets are super cool, if you end up eating at this restaurant make sure you have a look.

The last touristy spot was Louvre Museum by the time we got there it was closing but still a beautiful spot to take pictures.

The rest of the day we did a bit of shopping, found some lovely crepes to eat and headed back to the station for 8:30 to get the last Eurostar train out.  It was a long day but great and is now making me think of other day trips to do.

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