The annoying bits of Motherhood

Its the weirdest thing you become a mother any everyone has an opinion about what your doing and how your supposed to do it. It starts with how you had your birth natural vs cesarian to breastfeed vs bottle feeding, paid childcare vs little ones staying at home. 

Lets not start with the ‘status’ buggy with the matching on trend baby bag. But once you have your little one or ones in my case. You realise quickly that all the crap you may have worried about before you gave birth doesn’t matter. The buggy doesn’t even matter if you can’t get the energy to even get out of the house. Or the trendy bag doesn’t magically make your wet wipes appear once you have left them at home and your little one decides to do the biggest poo.

But what seems to be a constant is every women and sometimes men that had children before you have something to say. Now helpful advice from a loving place is always welcomed. But the condescending, you should listen to me. Also the one that most really gets under my skin is the notion that I should be completed by the fact that I am now a mother. So all my hopes and ambitions before I had my daughters go where exactly? Or the only fun I can find is in a baby soft play watching my girls throw balls around. I have been asked on a night out music blarring ‘omg you have twins. How are they? Where are they?’ Ummmm they are not here in this club with me now. Like RALLY?!

Growing up i wasn’t partially fussed about if I had children or not. I never dreamed of the 2.5 kids and a dog. I always dreamt of the ways I wanted to explore the world and try different things. I still have these dreams and look forward to being able to share some of them with my girls. The reason being is some places I will be going without them. Yes I said it. I am dreaming up short breaks without my daughters. I am blessed to have a amazing support systems and my girls LOVE their grandparents. Guess what mothers and fathers deserve a break and I am in the blessed predicament that I can. So I will. Another point is I won’t feel guilty about it either or made to feel guilty. Will I miss my daughters of course. I will be a better mother when I am fully rested and slot in a little time just to be Georgia x

So mamas how do you get your break?

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