Working With Lush.

I had an amazing opportunity to work with Lush Cosmetics two weeks ago. I headed down to their HQ in Poole. I was able to play around with their liquid foundation which is currently only available in their Liverpool store. Lush are still working out the kinks. I attended a Lush event last month and gave my initial thoughts on the slapstick and the liquid foundation. I was honest about my thoughts of the liquid foundation, I didn’t love it. The undertones were slightly off, but my feedback was welcomed. I wasn’t even aware that the reason they put on this second event was because of some of the feedback I gave at the previous one. So a group of women were invited down which is why I was there with other ladies of all different shades, to give our feedback on the foundations. We were even able to see foundations being made as two ladies in the group could not be colour matched. 

Credit: Lush

In the current age of ‘diversity and inclusion’ where some beauty brands are scrambling to tick this box, it’s becoming increasingly clear which brands genuinely care and those that just care about their profit margins. Of course all companies should and will care about profit but for some brands, melanated women of all shades were not an afterthought: MAC, Iman and Fashion Fair come to mind.

One of the most refreshing things about working with Lush was their openness to hear feedback. They wanted it all, the good and the bad and were also fully aware of where they needed to improve. It made me feel like my opinions were appreciated and respected. I am looking forward to the launch of the full liquid foundation shades.

If you didn’t already know, Lush already have their slapsticks available on their website, solid egg shape bars of medium coverage foundation. The main ingredient is coconut oil so it honestly feels like butter on your skin. As consumers are becoming more aware of what is inside their beauty products, Lush are being consistent with providing amazing products with minimal harm to the environment.  I really loved the slapsticks and was actually impressed with the finish. It gives a natural dewy finish and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I would highly recommend for your day to day foundation. Especially knowing all the goodness included, and for £16.95 the price point is not offensive to test it out.

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Credit: Lush

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