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If you follow me on Insta you will know we took our first family trip to Turkey (excluding dada he had to work). Well actually my mum wanted to book a holiday and I hijacked it and said we were coming too!

If you follow me on Insta you will know we took our first family trip to Turkey (excluding dada he had to work). Well actually my mum wanted to book a holiday and I hijacked it and said we were coming too! Travelling has and will always be a big part of my life as it keeps me sane, and it’s the only time I feel like I can truly unwind. Once people found out I was having twins, many of them said ‘no more holidays for you then’ not that I believed them but I did think to myself ‘how am I going to do this with two babies?!

We booked with Thomas Cook (I won’t be doing that again), a 7 day all-inclusive trip to Antalya Turkey staying at the Trendy Lara hotel. I will get into all that in another post…

As you can imagine I went a little bit crazy with the Amazon Prime orders getting everything I thought I would need. So, below are my favourite most used items:

Koo-di Double Sun and Sleep Stroller Cover

First off it’s tricky to find a pushchair sunscreen/protective cover for a double pushchair. Probably out of all the purchases this one was the absolute life saver. I was able to get my girls to nap with no problems and it was also handy for protecting them from the glaring sun. The flight back was at 3:55am – again the Koodi cover was essential despite being woken up during the security checks. As soon as I put them back in the pram they went back to sleep. The small bag it comes in just clips onto the side of the pram, so not a bother when I wasn’t using it.

Nimble Milk Buster Baby Bottle Cleaner 60ml

Honestly I started feeling like I was packing my whole flat into two suitcases! So finding this product to clean my bottles (and only 60ml) was perfect for hand luggage. I used the spray to clean the bottles during my whole trip with no issues or tummy problems with Ayanna and Azaria. The 60ml bottle was more than enough for my trip and I came back with loads left over.

Vital Baby Aquaint Sanitising Water 50ml 50ml


I already owned a Vital Sanitising Water the 50ml bottle is a permanent addition in my baby bag and even more important on holiday. Its great for toy and dummies, just spray and you know the item is sanitised.

Double twin child swim float

My babies loved being in the twin swim, I am so glad I purchased it. I was able to go out in the pool on my own or just with my little brother. I knew carrying two babies into the water was not going to work. I didn’t want to keep hold of two separate baby floats so when I found, it was perfect.

Food Pouches 



The girls are still weaning, yes still and to be honest I am over this stage. It started well but they have become fussy. I bought different types of food pouches to found their favourite. I took a mixture of food pouches from Aldi and Asda. I did top up with food from the hotel but I didn’t want to be too reliant on it. Also perfect for when we were out and about.

 BanZ Baby Earmuffs

I used these on both flights for take-off and landing, and whilst they were sleeping and they do what they say on the tin. I forgot how loud flights are, and I was thankful I had these my girls didn’t wake up. Trust me I wanted to avoid two tired cranky babies on a flight and these definitely helped.

I had a great holiday with my daughters, and these items helped sooth all my apprehensions of travelling with babies. Looking forward to taking more trips!





The food Photo courtesy of asda.co.uk and babycentre.co.uk

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  1. Really good items! And looks you had a fun holiday😃
    The earmuffs I would definitely get when I’m travelling (I’m even considering it for when I bring my baby to the cinema just in case it’s too loud for her). Thanks for sharing👏🏽


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